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  • 1) What's Mellisong products certification?

    We has CE certification, Mellisong products could support obtain UL and TUV certification if clients' market need them for marketing and sales.
  • 2) Do you have any quality system ISO9001 or other management system?

    Our factory successful pass ISO9001 management audit , and manage with ERP system.
  • 3) What kind of certification does Mellisong related to the environment and social responsibility?

    Our Corporate GREEN initiative promotes the use and recycling of raw materials including rubber and steel products. We produce meet the major international environmental directives such as RoHS?and RoHS 2 (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
  • 4) What guarantee is offered on Mellisong products?

    All products carry a Limited Warranty against Manufacturing Defects in Materials and Workmanship. Please refer to the?Warranty for further information.
  • 5) Does Mellisong have custom capabilities?

    100% Absolutely! We have in-house design and engineering teams that can quickly take your idea from concept of idea into finished products. We have the expertise and resources you need for products development. Simply contact us with your customized deisgn and requirements.
  • 6) What are your payment terms?

    T/T and L/C are the most common forms of payment. Mellisong operates via an advanced ERP system. This allows factory production to rapidly occur as payments are efficiently and accurately processed.
  • 7) How do I get pricing information and are discounts available for large orders?

    Our sales representatives can provide you with detailed pricing on products and discounts. Due to the fact that larger quantity orders allow us to reduce material costs, we pass these savings to you in the form of price discounts on larger quantity orders.
  • 8) What is the lead time for samples and normal order?

    Sample lead time for most standard products is within one week. Production samples are available approximately 45 days after the receipt of first order. For batches production every month, the production leadtime could be shortten within 20-25 days
  • 9) Can I make a trial order of small quantity before I place a large order?

    Trial orders are available for quality testing and market research. The production cost would be higher than usual large quantity orders.
  • 10) Why should I buy from Mellisong?

    we have skillful engineer team and sales experience with financial stability to provide you with confidence and long-term growth for business development. We provide extra value for?trusted customers we serve. Our ability to control all aspects of the Production Process allows us to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Contact us today, so we can show you the Difference!?
  • 11) Does Mellisong Patent the products and designs they manufacture?

    We design by our own patent, please refer to patent info further. For customer's design and patent, Mellisong protect them very well as partners.
  • 12) Can I have a packaging of my own design?

    Yes, we have the professional design staff to create the packaging and support materials you need as you market and sell our products. We work closely with our customers to understand and create designs according to their specific requirements.?
  • 13) What is the standard packaging for Mellisong products?

    The business specially for OEM/ODM business. Most of our products are packaged in Brown Boxes. We also provide the following packaging for certain products:?gift Box, White Box,Clam Shell,Blister Card,PET Folded Box, and Poly Bag when customer has their own design for gift box, etc
  • 14) Is customized manual available? What is the MOQ for printing?

    Yes. We could make your manual at MOQ 1000pcs for printing.
  • 15) Can the product be made in a different color or custom painted with unique design?

    Yes, however, there are normally Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) that are required for this service.